"Nemo me
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("No one provokes me
with impunity")

Bourg Achard Me

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Ceremony to mark the Monument's erection in 1948



Since the Monument's erection at Haut-Croth crossroads in 1948 George's three remaining brother's (Jack, Dennis and Roger) have revisited the site and surrounding area on numerous occasions. George's niece Jacqui has also visited the monument and cemetery.

The villager's of Bourg Achard, in particular Ren
é and Monique Hauchard, have been very hospitable in accommodating the 3 brother's on their visit's and during 2004 made them honorary citizens by presenting them with a medallion during a ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary.

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This Medallion presented to Mr D. W. Hildred by the Mayor of Bourg-Achard to mark his being made an honorary citizen.

28.08.2004 On this same date in 1944 his brother George was K.I.A. in helping to liberate this village.

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Jack, Dennis & Roger during a Ceremony at the Memorial in 2004 followed by a reception at Bourg Achard Town Hall


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Newspaper clipping from the 2004 visit



In memory of 4 soldiers killed at the front line.

Dennis and Roger Hildred gather at the place where their Brother George died on 28th August 1944

The authorities honour the dead with a wreath at the monument watched by a group of Quebecois

It was exactly 60 years ago, when 4 English soldiers died at Haut-Croht at a checkpoint behind the enemy line. Badly injured in Mauny, George Hildred, the Major M. C. Mirrielees, O'Keefe, and Billington succumbed to their injuries, not far from the monument erected in their memory, on Bosbenard-Crescy, in the bend of "La rue de Canadians".

And coincidentaly, it was around 50 Canadians from Quebec, from "Magog" who had joined the ceremony Saturday evening in memory of those who had died for the Liberation of France. The friendship between the 2 families was the beginning of this special reunion. Claude Hurabielle, Mayor of Bourg Achard and Michel Vitton, Vice President of the veterans chaired this ceremony.

After the one minute silence and an explanation from M. Vitton given to our Quebecois cousins, the 2 brothers of one of the killed soldiers approached the monument and said "We already came here 10 years ago" explained Dennis and Roger Hildred.

Welcomed by Rene Hauchard, former Baker of Bourg Achard, they went on the morning itself to the cemetery of Saint-Desir near Lisieux where lies the remains of their Brother "George Belonged to the Royal Highland Regiment, The Black Watch 51st Highland Division" they remembered.

All the participants of the ceremony gathered at the town hall of Bourg Achard where a friendship drink was offered, an occasion for everyone to get to know each other and to share a few minutes of fraternity.

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Jacqui during a visit in 2005

Close up picture of the Memorial stone

The Memorial stone has been refurbished several times but is now showing signs of the need for some more attention.
Hopefully this is something that we can arrange during an intended visit in 2008.

Update: 24th June 2008

It was our intention to clean up the memorial during our visit this Year, so armed with filler, paint etc we went to the memorial only to find that it has been completely replaced.

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The new memorial in June 2008

Close up picture of the new memorial


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Jacqui and Tom Renouf 2013

Update: 29th June 2014
(More on the 2014 visit here & here)

In June 2014 we revisited the Bourg Achard memorial, this time accompanied by Rose Laycock, the Niece of Major Donald Mirrielees. Tom, Kathleen, George Renouf & Nigel and Mags McArthur were also with us as the previous day we'd all attended a ceremony to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Mauny memorial's unveiling.

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We wrote our messages on the poppy crosses before placing them in the ground next to the one we'd placed last year. While we were congregated around the memorial a local resident stopped to watch and told us that they were buried at St Desir, which I thought was nice - someone still cares.

Update: 8th June 2015
(More on the 2015 visit here & here)

In June 2015 we revisited the memorial, this time with Christine (George's youngest Sister) and Mavis (George's Sister in Law).

It was nice to see that the poppy crosses that we'd left last year had been placed in a small pot.

We tied the wreath around the memorial as it would easily get blown away on the exposed crossroads.

I don't suppose it would take long for the weather to fade the printing in the center of the wreath but hopefully it will last long enough to give information about George and this website where people would be able to learn more about the reason for the memorial.

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Update: 25th March 2017
(More on the 2017 visit here , here & here)


360 Degree Image
(For 360 viewers i.e. Google Cardboard)

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Update: 19th May 2019

During the 'Camp Daisy' weekend a small service was held at the memorial.

Many thanks to Laurent, Thierry, René and above all Maxime the Quellec who takes care of cleaning and maintaining
the memorial.

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