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Name: Gus Brydon
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Comments: My Father was in the 5th Battalion the Black Watch during WWII and was wounded by shrapnel on the 29th August 1944, when ambushed by German troops in Mauny Northern France. I have just found out about Tom Renouf and his association with the same battle. I am so sad that he passed away in June. My Father is now 90 years old and lives in East Lothian Scotland. He used to tell us stories about his exploits during the war and his battle against the Germans at Mauny and still does, although he has been through ill health the last few weeks, but seems to be pulling through.

Name: Alan Toull
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Comments: Thank you so much for the nice pictures on your website and for inviting me. It was a real honor for me to play on the graves of the fallen soldiers. In France we remember them and I'll go back there (or another piper of Normandy highland Pipe Band) for you and for each family who wants to call us.

Name: Rose Laycock
Email address: 

Comments: A wonderful way to commemorate your Uncle George, my Uncle Donald and the others who fought and died at Mauny in August 1944.

Thank you.

It was so nice to meet you 70 years later at the ceremonies in Normandy.

Name: John Shucksmith
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Comments: A fitting memorial to George Hildred a hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us & his country.

Name: James Brearley
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Comments: Sorry we did not get chance to meet, I have some good photo's. My book A Teenagers War about 51st highlanders is selling well all funds to the HD Vets. Available on Kindle, Amazon, WHS, Waterstones. I will send you a copy on request.


Name: Matthew Ashton
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Comments: A fascinating and thought provoking memorial to a fallen hero. Thanks for your hard work and dedication in presenting this history.

Lest we forget.

Name: Hedley Bunting
Email address:

Comments: I met you recently at the Ranville memorial and you gave me a card for this website. It is an excellent and fitting tribute to Private George Hildred. My uncle John Thomas Bunting also enlisted in 5th Battalion Black Watch in June 1940 aged 25 years old.

After training his first posting was to North Africa in August 1942 just as Montgomery assumed command of the 8th Army. He was badly wounded at the battle of Wadi Akarit, Tunisia on the 7th April 1943 but recovered. He was awarded the Africa Star with 8th Army clasp. After Sicily (Italy Star) he returned to the UK for training. I think John Thomas (Jack) may have been like George as replacements for the battalion after Breville.

We will never forget all these courageous young men.


Name: Laurent Lecomte
Email address:

Comments: Thank you for honouring us with your presence at the Mauny ceremony, I'm glad I met you, you will always be welcome at our home.

Name: Nigel Mcarthur
Email address:

Comments: Lovely website to have as a memory to a loved one. My late father in law served with 5th Battallion, from Juno Beach to Germany and would have liberated this village also. His name was Herbert Lindsley.

We'll never forget them all.

Name: Mary Hutchinson
Email address:

Comments: I have visited my Uncle's grave in St Desir cemetery, he was Private Francis English killed 20th Aug 1944 age 21yrs.

Name: Carl Shilleto
Email address:

Comments: An excellent and fitting memorial website to Private George Hildred, and his comrades from the 5th Battalion Black Watch, who paid the ultimate price during the fighting in Normandy in 1944.

We are proud to be linked and associated with this wonderful tribute at The Fallen Heroes of Normandy Project.

Name: Ken Dutton
Email address: 

Comments: Great piece of important work folks. Good to know the history of family members who made the supreme sacrifice, even if distant relatives and never personally known.

It also amazes me how the French still maintain their memories of allies who passed through their areas, and build important small monuments to very local incidents, otherwise overlooked by history in the much bigger context of the whole world war(s). Over the years touring in France I have seen many such touching tributes to individuals or small groups who passed through and liberated very small villages, and to those who remained as fallen soldiers.

Name: Stuart Hildred
Email address: 

Comments: I was visiting Edinburgh Castle and I came across George Hildred in the memorial book, I just had to find more of this brave Son and I came across this site, George was very brave, he gave all.

I don't know if George was a relative, I would have been proud to know him.

God Bless

Name: Patrick Anderson
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Comments: Ian an excellent website to remember your wife's Uncle George a casualty of the famous 5th Black Watch of WW2. My godfather was Brigadier James A Oliver, who formed the 5th Bn BW in Arbroath in 1938 I think it was and by 1945 was Brigadier. He took temp command when Major General Tom Rennie was killed crossing the Rhine.

My namesake Uncle Lt Patrick W Anderson 8th BW, 10 BW , 18 Sqn RFC /RAF died of wounds after the end of WW1 so does not have an official war grave but is listed on the Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh Castle.

We will remember them .........

Name: Alaistair Saunders
Email address: 

Comments: A very fitting memorial to a young man who gave his life for his country, Rest in Peace.


Name: Bob Little
Email address: 

Comments: What a wonderful way to REMEMBER. I was very interested because a very dear friend, the late Lt. Col. David Currie won his VC while fighting in the same area at Caen.

Thanks for letting me visit your site.


Name: Sandy Caird ex Black Watch
Email address: 

Comments: A very interesting site

Name: Phyllis
Email address: 

Comments: I cannot Thank you enough about Tom Kirkcaldy, (I sent a photo of his headstone after a recent visit to the cemetery - Ian) we met when I was in Minehead in Somerset. He was my first boyfriend, I was in the WATS and was a waiter in the officers mess. I have a vivid memory of the walks we did together, Tom was a delight to know, I was taken by surprise by this Ginger headed soldier in uniform, whom looked really handsome. The timing of departure was very brief, he came to say goodbye and it was very sad, he told my friend try not to fall in love, I have to go to Cornwall, we are leaving and going overseas. I am so sad as I love my girlfriend Phyllis.

I did hear from him before he left England, he sent me a photo of him on a motorcycle, but after that we lost touch. I have wondered constantly about Tom, he has been on my mind all through the years, I prayed to God to find out what happened to him before I die. And you are the one who has made it reality for me, Ian I thank you for doing this. I was very sad, but I believe in fate from the cradle to the grave, although I did have a good cry.

A very big Thank you


Name: Kay
Email address: 

Comments: This site is a fabulous way to honour the memory of George Hildred. I myself was looking for someone whom served with George and, what better way to never forget and let others know about the life of a loved one. Thank you for all your help and good luck in your future work on this site.

Name: John H Allison
Email address:

Comments: Until I got to know Ian Scales through his Web Site building for RAF Association York Branch, I was totally unaware of George Hildred. How very interesting to read about him and the Memorial.

Name: Helen Robinson
Email address:

Comments: As I grew up there was always a picture of this handsome gentleman in my Grandma's house and as the year's went on it eventually adorned my Mother's bedroom wall. The picture was of my Uncle George who never came home from the War. My mother spoke of him often but I never really got an insight of what he was really like in the short time he was here. This web page has given me an insight to how all these men were so brave and fought not only for their Country but for their families. It makes me so proud to know the man in the picture is my uncle and one of the bravest persons I have ever met.

Name: Mavis Hildred
Email address:

Comments: I never knew George personally, to me he was just a young man in Army uniform smiling down from a picture hanging in the front room of my future in-laws home, and not much of his personal history was ever given or asked for over the years, which is why I am so very grateful that this website has been created and given me the opportunity to have a 'living' picture of someone I would have been proud to know as a brother-in-law.

Name: Debbie Robinson
Email address:

Comments: He was also my Uncle, I never had the chance to meet, God Bless you.

Name: Jacqui Scales
Email Address: jacqui@rafmtd.co.uk

Thank you for this site. For me it's remembrance of an Uncle I never knew, but whom I have a great deal of respect for.


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